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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tech Update: Windows 7 on Gaming Deck

            As expected, Just when you thought you’d see every possible way to implement Windows 7. Technology evolution "CES" and a company called OCOSMOS. 

                Engadget is reporting that an unknown company who made a vaporware splash in last years Consumer Electronics Show is getting ready to preview a handheld gaming device that runs a version of Windows 7. That’s right we are not talking about Windows Phone 7 it Microsoft Windows 7.

        It’s not a surprise that we favour Windows 7 as an operating system, but we are very wary of Windows 7 on any tablet-like devices and especially a gaming handheld. we just don’t see the point of this, but we will have to wait and see before making any judgement on their device. For right now, check the picture and the scant details. What are your thoughts on using Windows 7 on a portable gaming device?

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