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Friday, January 7, 2011

How to Setup Media Center Movie Library in Windows 7

This tutorial will show how to manage your movie library in Media Center, including poster images & full synopsis information.

This Article will work on Windows 7 and Vista but not on Windows XP.

With & without poster information.

Before you start:

Before we start we will need to create a batch file:

Open a notepad

Copy and paste the following code as it is:

@echo off
for %%a in (*.*) do (
md "%%~na" 2>nul
move "%%a" "%%~na"

Save the file as "folder creation.bat" without the cotes inside your movie folder.

It will give you a warning regarding change of the file type, ignore it.

Run the file which will create directories based on the movie file name (e.g. Babylon A.D.avi will have the directory Babylon A.D created) and the movie file moved to the directory.

Search for & download a file for the movie you would like as a poster and save it in the movie folder and name it folder.jpg. Do this for each movie.

I would advise at least 2GB of memory as due to the size of the folder.jpg files there is a lot of memory used. You could (like me) resize all folder.jpg files to a width of 300 pixels & maintain aspect ratio.

Here's How:

1. Run Media Center and navigate to Movies

2. Open movie library, you should notice no movies shown

3. Right-Click within the inner (empty area) and select Manage Library, you will be shown the 'Add folders' wizard. Select 'Add folders to the library' and click next

4. Select the location where your drive with the videos is stored, and click on next.

5. Navigate to the folder where your videos are stored (e.g. G:\MOVIES), and click next.

6. On the final screen select 'Yes, use these locations' and click finish

Now your folder is added, Media Center will show the Video folders (with posters if you downloaded an image file for each movie).

This Article will work on Windows 7 and Vista but not on Windows XP.

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