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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Aero Shake and Tab Changing

Changing different windows in windows 7 has got a new attractive way. The way we can change the windows or open windows be done in a very easier way. Press windows button on the key board and Press Tab which will change the windows in a very attractive way like this

This Feature is called Windows Flip.

There is another beautiful feature called windows Shake that will help us in hiding all the open windows except the active windows that we want.

These are all the windows that are open.

This is the only window that we will be left with when we shake it by holding the left mouse button on the top of it. This saves the time in closing or minimizing all the windows individually. It has improved the PC's look to a very large extent and made very attractive way. It is also available in vista computers but a lot of hardware acceleration needs it to make it work with out being hung up.

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