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Saturday, January 8, 2011

How to check the devices in Windows 7

Windows 7 has made the accessibility of devices more easier. Device Stage and the Devices and Printers folder are the optionsthat  made the searching for devices easier in windows 7.

Device Stage

When we plug something into our PC, we’ll see a menu of popular tasks for that type of device. For example if we plug-in the a
ThumbDrive or a USB drive we will get a Auto Run like this.
It gets better when Manufacturers can customize Device Stage, so for many devices including you'll see status information and menu options tailored to your specific model—right down to a slick photorealistic mug shot.

Devices and Printers

The new Devices and Printers folder shows you the installed devices that are connected to your PC, making it a handy way to check on a printer, music player, camera, mouse, or digital picture frame (just to name a few).
It's also the place to add a new networked or wireless device and troubleshoot problems with a device or printer.

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