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Saturday, January 15, 2011

How to Rebuild Windows Media Player Corrupted Libraries

This tutorial will show you how to rebuild your Windows Media Player (WMP) libraries in order to remove corrupted files (for example, files deleted from the hard disk that linger in the WMP library) in just a few, easy steps. This tutorial can also be applied to other issues.

Using this tutorial will not delete any media files physically; instead, it will reset the WMP libraries to their default state, without changing your previously made settings.
Windows Libraries are not affected by this tutorial.

Please make sure Windows Media Player is closed during this process.

Here's how:

1. Click on the Start Orb and type "services" into the search, then select Services from the list of search results.


Alternatively, you can right-click the Computer icon, select Manage, then choose Services under "Services and Applications" in Computer Management.

2. In the list of services, locate "Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service" and stop it via one of the highlighted options.

Please keep the Services window open, you will need it later.

3. Click on the Start Orb and use the search again, this time type in C:\Users\(user)\AppData\Local and click the Local folder from the list of search results.

4. Inside the "Local" folder, navigate to the "Microsoft", then "Media Player" folder. Delete all the files contained in this folder and close the Explorer window.

5. Now go back to the Services window and start the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service. Next time you start Windows Media Player, it will automatically rebuild all libraries using the information on folders that are included in the Windows Libraries.

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