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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Windows 7 Tips

Get Vista like Taskbar in Windows 7

If you are new to windows 7 and not able to go along with it smoothly then here is an option that you can follow to get the Taskbar icons as the same we had in Vista. In Vista whenever we minimized an application (folder, word etc.) it is accessed by a tab @ taskbar which describes about process and has an icon as well. But in Windows 7 this thing has been replaced by an Icon so you cant get any text over there. 

To get back the similar feel in Windows 7 do the following:

  • Navigate to taskbar & Right Click it.
  • Open taskbar properties.
  • Go to option taskbar Buttons.
  • Here you have 3 options: hide labels, combine and never combine
  • Choose the third one.
It would restore the Taskbar buttons like they were used to be in Vista.

This is how taskbar would look like now.

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