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Monday, March 21, 2011

Windows 7 Tips

Enable Internet Sharing of USB Modem in Windows 7

To enable Internet Sharing of USB Modem in Windows 7, follow the steps:
1. Navigate to system tray click on the arrow button to show the list of available processes and tasks.

2. Select the Internet access from the list available and click on Open Network & sharing Center. (You may also reach here via Control Panel)

3. From the Left side pane, select manage Wireless Networks

4.Select the Add option in the Manage Wireless Networks Window.

5. From the Manually connect to a wireless network pop up window, select Create an Ad hoc network.

6. Click next after reading details about wireless ad-hoc network.

7. Configure Ad-hoc network. Enter desired network name, security type and security key.

8. Make sure you select an encryption type. Make the security type WEP and password protect it using 5 or 13 character key.

9. Click on Turn on Internet Connection sharing to share the internet.

10. Internet Sharing is enabled. Press Okay to proceed. You have now enabled WiFi connection from your laptop available to other users.

To connect to your system’s internet one must simply locate and select the network just created and connect using the encryption security key as entered.

11. Once done, you may remove the adhoc network from Manage Wireless networks window.

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