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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Windows7 Tips

Create a Shortcut or Hotkey to Eject the CD/DVD Drive

Create a Shortcut to Eject the CD/DVD Drive

Right-click on the desktop or elsewhere and choose New \ Shortcut.

In the location box, put the full path to the nircmd.exe file that you downloaded, and append the “cdrom open” command to the end of it, adjusting the drive letter to match your disc drive:

    “C:\path\to\nircmd.exe” cdrom open D:

Note the location of the quotes.. if you are using a path with spaces in it, you need to make sure the quotes are only around the path to the executable, and the arguments should be placed after the quote.

Give the shortcut a meaningful name, like Eject CD or something like that, and you’ll have a new icon (read below on how to use the cd-rom icon as shown)

You can move the icon to anywhere you’d like… double-clicking on it will immediately eject the drive.

Create a Shortcut to Close the CD/DVD Drive

You can follow the same exact instructions as above, but instead of “cdrom open” just substitute “cdrom close”.

Assign a Hotkey to the Shortcut

Now that we have a shortcut, we can assign a hotkey to the shortcut by right-clicking on the icon and choosing Properties. On the Shortcut tab you’ll see a place to assign the Shortcut key:

Add in the shortcut key and close the dialog. As long as the shortcut is on your desktop you shouldn’t have to restart anything for the hotkey to work.

Assign an Icon to the Shortcut

If you click on the Change Icon button in the properties window, you can give the shortcut a more meaningful icon, perhaps the DVD one you see below.

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