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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Energy Resources in Cityville

Energy Resources in Cityville

As we promised we have put together the guide of  Energy for Cityville .Energy is the most essential and indispensable part of the game to build houses, to collect rent or to harvest crops. Without energy points, the player will be able only to seed plots or to dispatch goods to the business buildings.
Energy can be restored when the player levels up or if he uses the energy batteries, however these batteries will cost in-game cash. To restore the energy points in CityVille, the player can use various strategies and tricks.

We can increase energy in
cityville by Proper management in building your city in CityVille, this is the key to dominate the game, but proper allocation of resource will also maximize our energy in City ville, how efficiently you will use your resources in this game that much energy you will save and this will help to increase energy too, the low energy you will spent will be able to recover energy quickly.But then the energy refill every five minutes that was a little problem in playing this game so you better check this guide:

The major energies source of Cityville include

  1. Waiting
  2. Batteries
  3. Visiting Friends:
  4. Collection
  5. Gifiting
  6. Daily Bonus


The first logical option you will see to increase energy in city ville is waiting, The energy will be refill after every 5 minutes, as long as we wait that much our energy will refill 1 point at a time, which can be very annoying for some of us but for the people who don't mind go ahead by all means


Batteries are the main source of energy in the Cityville, which we can get from friends, as many friends you have you will be able to get more energy here. Batteries can also be purchased with Cityville cash, just go to city menu and use city cash. Just click “Build” and then the lightning bolt icon to access the Energy shop where you can buy Batteries that give either 3, 7 or 12 Energy for 3, 6 and 9 City Cash, respectively.

Visitng Friends

Like in Farmville,visiting friends daily grants you a whopping 3 Energy for nothing among other rewards like XP coins and Reputation points like same before we got Fuel, Mystrey Gifts etc in farmville, . The more friends you help, the more oomph you’ll have to do things back Home. Not to mention you’ll look good around your friends, who might come around and help you out some in return. (This is my favorite option Helping Friends around and in return our energy level will quickly increase)

It is a feature which is almost included in every Zynga Poker Game, here as i mentioned earlier gifts from friends may include batteries and other accessories, as much as you send gifts to other, you will also be entitled to get energy batteries too, or may your friends also send the gift in return to you. this will also help us to increase energy quickly, with the latter two locked until you reach certain levels.


As much as collections of gifts we had, we can sell out these gifts for energy battries. Play game normally and collecting from properties like the Toy Shop and Coffee House, but there’s a neat little feature called the Wishlist that might help. Here in this game go to collection menu you’ll see that every item in each Collection contains a small button that looks like the RSS symbol (bottom left of the Collection item menu).Make your Wishlist here by clicking on this button and then Click Share , this will broadcast your wish list and friends will help you to complete your wishlist

Daily Bonus

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