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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Windows 7 Tips

Create a Shortcut or Hotkey to Open Task Manager’s "All Users" View in Windows 7

Create the Task Manager Shortcut

Right-click on the desktop or elsewhere, and then choose New \ Shortcut from the menu.

Then in the shortcut location box, add the following command:


Once you’ve added the command, go to the next screen and give the shortcut a useful name – I chose “Task Manager (All Users)” as the name since it seemed descriptive enough.

Now right-click on the shortcut and open up Properties, where you can add a shortcut key if you’d like (note that the shortcut needs to be on the desktop or in the start menu for this to work)

And now the most important step, click the Advanced button and choose the “Run as administrator” checkbox.

Now you’ll have a shortcut that will immediately open up Task Manager to the all users view (after a UAC prompt).

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