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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Windows 7 Tips

Prevent Changing Wallpaper Using a Registry Hack

Sometimes you might not want users to have the ability to change Wallpaper on Windows 7 workstations. Today we look at how to prevent them from changing.

Using a Registry Editor

You can also make a couple Registry changes to prevent users from changing the Wallpaper which will work on Home versions of Windows 7.

Note: Before making any Registry changes make sure you back it up first.

1. Open the Registry by typing regedit into the Search box in the Start menu and hit Enter.

2. First we’ll start with the Wallpaper. Navigate to 


and create a new String Value and name it Wallpaper.

3. Then modify the Value data to point to the location of the Wallpaper you want it to always be. Where in this example it’s our main wallpaper on our local drive, then click OK.

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