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Friday, April 8, 2011

Windows 7 Tips

Allow Only Certain Items or Hide them All

The method below works well for removing certain items from the Control Panel. But if you only want to show a few items, you don’t want to type them all in. So instead select Show only specified Control Panel items.

Then type in only the items you want to be shown. For example we only want Programs and Features, System, and Sound to be displayed.

Now when you open Control Panel, only the items you want will be displayed.

If you don’t want anything displayed at all for some reason you can do that as well. If you try to keep the value field empty, you’ll get the following error.

So in the value field type in null then OK and close out of Group Policy Editor.

Then when you open Control Panel.There’s nothing to see here.

Removing items from Control Panel can be useful if you you no longer need an icon for an uninstalled item, want to clean out the clutter, or just don’t want users to see them.

Again, always remember to create a Restore Point or backup the registry before making any changes to it!

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