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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to Add Additional Time Zone Clocks in Windows 7

Selective Information:

Windows 7 can exhibit up to 3 clocks unlike Windows Xp: One for the localized time, and Two for the time in other time zones of your choice.

This article will demonstrate how to add an additional Time Zone clock.

Here's How to achieve that:

1. Left click on clock on the taskbar and click on Change date and time settings.

A) Go to step 4 below.


2. Right click on Time on the taskbar and click Adjust Date/Time.

A) Go to step 4 below.


3. Open the Control Panel in Classic View, and click on the Date and Time icon.

4. Click on the Additional Clocks tab.

5. Check "Show this clock to add a clock."

NOTE: You can add one or both clocks.

6. Click on the Select time zone drop down arrow and choose one from the list you want to be exhibited on this clock.

7. Enter a display name for this clock.

NOTE: You can type up to 15 characters.

8. Click on OK.

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