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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts Designed for Windows Media Center

Although the Media Center interface was designed for use with a remote control, it also supports full access to Media Center functions using a keyboard. 

Some keyboard commands are obvious: the Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Left Arrow, and Right Arrow keys work just like the navigation controls on the remote, and pressing Enter or Spacebar is the same as pushing OK. Page Up and Page Down map to the Channel Up/Down buttons. In search boxes, you can type search terms directly and use the Backspace key to clear the most recently typed character.

Some other key combinations are useful but a bit less obvious. In particular, the numeric keypad on a full-size keyboard can fill in for a lot of tasks during Live TV and while viewing the guide.

Here are some handy keyboard shortcuts designed for Media Center:

Media Center Start page (start Media Center, if necessary): Windows logo key+Alt+Enter
Recorded TV: Ctrl+O or Ctrl+Shift+T
Guide: Ctrl+G
Music Library: Ctrl+M
Video Library: Ctrl+E
Picture Library: Ctrl+I
Movie Library: Ctrl+Shift+M
Radio: Ctrl+A
Go back to previous screen: Backspace
Toggle full screen/window: Alt+Enter
Go to channel number (Live TV or Guide): Enter number using the 0–9 keys
Up one channel (while playing TV): Plus (+) or Equal (=)
Down one channel (while playing TV): Minus (–)
Record: Ctrl+R
More Info/Display shortcut menu: Ctrl+D

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