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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How to Use System Restore to Change your User Account Password

If you are not able to log on to Windows 7 / Vista for any of the following reasons:
You set a new password for the Administrator account and no longer remember it.
You enter the correct password but because of system corruption it is not accepted.
You delete a protected Administrator account and are no longer able to log on to another account.
You change a protected Administrator account to a standard user account and are unable to log on to another Administrator account.
In any of the above conditions are true for you, this article is for you

For this to work there must be a valid System Restore Point to use from the last successful log on.


This will work for either Windows 7 or Windows Vista but not for Windows XP.

If you don't have a proper Windows installation disk, have a look at the link below to create a repair disk that can be used to reset your user account password in Windows 7 and Vista.

Let's get Started!
1) The Boot Priority in the BIOS needs to be set to boot first from the optical drive, insert your Windows disk and re-start the PC, when you see "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD" press the space bar.

2) After the initial "Windows is loading files" select your language, time and keyboard preferences and click next, then select "Repair your computer", then it'll do some searching then choose "Syetem Restore".

3) Remember you must select the restore point before you started experiencing the issues; once you have selected the correct restore point you'll be presented with one last chance before the restore begins, when you are sure everything is correct click next then finish.

4) When the System Restore "checkup" completes you'll get a "Confirm your Restore Point" window, click finish then yes to the next window, then you will need to restart the machine to complete the process.

5)When the PC restarts remember you MUSTuse the password that was active for the Restore Point that you went back to. After Windows restarts you'll get a "System Restore Completed Successfully" window, just click close.

6) You may need to add back any programs and/or any Windows Updates that may have been removed during the restore process, you may also need to reset any personal settings that may have been changed but all your personal documents or files will be intact.

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